• Title reports are sent to the various parties involved, including the seller’s attorney and the lender. Our office is dedicated to work with you in any manner to help clear any outstanding problems.

  • We promptly review title reports to quickly resolve problems identified in different sections such as the chancery report, old mortgages, liens, corporate status reports and franchise taxes. Any problems in the aforementioned sections would result in a delayed closing, however, we work swiftly and efficiently to make sure that does not happen. We take it upon ourselves to arrange escrows and undertake indemnities through the seller’s attorney which takes the burden off of our customers and ensures that we stay on schedule for a smooth closing.

  • Surveys are ordered (after obtaining consent from the seller’s attorney) in a timely manner and reviewed, in preparation for endorsement from the attorney. We then proceed to consult with the attorney on the results of the survey, allowing us to take action and address any issues.

  •  All attempts are made to clear judgments on current and prior owners by obtaining back titles/ owner’s title policies from the seller’s attorney as well as the seller’s sale docs which contains information required for us to clear possible judgments on the current owners.

  • We perform detailed reviews of the seller’s closing documents to ensure that they are prepared flawlessly.

  • Once closing is scheduled, our staff initiates action to clear and prepare the file for closing. All of the information necessary for preparing the pre-CD is collected promptly, allowing the pre-CD to be prepared and sent to the lender in a timely manner. After the bank releases the final CD and closing instructions, we perform a comprehensive review to make sure that all applicable charges have been reflected.

  • Our real estate closers are experienced and professional. Closers are dispatched to the location of closing with all of the proper documents as well as checks for disbursement. Whenever necessary, our closers will obtain funding approval from the bank upon conclusion of the closing.

  • While all of the work is performed by us, we make sure that you are kept in the loop every step of the way until the issuance of policy and the final settlement has been reached.

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