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Commercial Service

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Protect your new business when coming to Providence Abstract

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Property Ownership Rights

Understand your rights as a business owner and ensure the security of all title ownership assets. While the physical qualities of a commercial property can be obvious, the terms and title itself are often not.

Property Ownership Examinations

Uncertain about the previous owner or state of the property? 

Providence Abstract can guide you through the settlement process while examining all terms and history behind the title that may affect your ownership rights.


Title Insurance

Protect yourself from any financial loss when it comes to a defect or a missed fine print in your contract. Inexperienced business owners are often taken advantage of and are unaware of certain terms or "qualities" in the title they now possess.

Call us immediately at 732-422-3900 or use our online contact form to schedule an appointment.

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Commercial Closing Services

Before the title transfers over, we will examine all the details and history of the title to make certain that all prior mortgages and judgements have been handled or paid in full.

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Dollar Notes

Closing Cost Services

Evaluate the loan estimate, negotiate fees, and save on points when interest rates are low.

Providence Abstract provides each and every one of our client's personal attention guiding then completely through the settlement process.
We understand the various worries and concerns our clients can have when purchasing a commercial property.
With our years of experience, we provide our clients the confidence and expertise to complete their settlement with a smile on their faces knowing they had made all of the right decisions.

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